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The Last Leg of Lending Automation, Commercial Real Estate

At District, our focus is automating Commercial Real Estate Lending for loan sizes below $30 million. We're building the modern commercial mortgage platform - the first integrated end to end technology platform (from sourcing to servicing) to serve this part of the CRE Lending market.

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6/5/2019 by Nav Athwal

District Capital Stack

CRE Debt Capital Stack

A capital stack is a visual representation illustrating the position of cash within a property’s capitalization, i.e., how the debt or equity – or a combination thereof is broken out. As a rule, debt in a transaction is senior in priority to equity, whereby its position is first to be repaid and the most protected should property values fall. All the equity in a transaction would have to be eliminated before a debt’s position would be adversely affected. This is referred to as an equity cushion. Due to the inherent safety of this position within the capital stack, yields for debt are generally lower than that of equity with a stated return and excess cash flowing to equity partners.

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5/6/2019 by Kevin Henderson

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Benefits of CRE Debt

Commercial Real Estate Debt is a financial instrument that, when used appropriately, can boost the returns of a real estate investment exponentially. Below are three reasons why leveraging a property can be a good idea and a method to earn more wealth, unlock equity in and asset and acquire more property.

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5/6/2019 by Kevin Henderson

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